Best Banking Apps for Children

Best Banking Apps for Children

In today’s digital age, it’s crucial for children to learn financial literacy early on. Banking apps for children offer a safe and educational way to manage money, understand savings, and develop smart spending habits. Here are some of the best banking apps designed specifically for children.

GoHenry: A Comprehensive Financial Learning Tool

GoHenry is a popular app designed to teach children aged 6 to 18 about money management. With a prepaid debit card and a companion app, children can learn to manage their finances under parental supervision.


  • Customizable prepaid debit card
  • Real-time spending notifications for parents
  • Weekly spending limits and savings goals
  • Interactive financial education lessons

Why GoHenry Stands Out: GoHenry offers a well-rounded approach to financial education, combining practical experience with interactive lessons, making it a top choice for parents.

Greenlight: Customizable Financial Control

Greenlight is another excellent app that offers children the ability to manage their money while giving parents extensive control over their child’s spending.


  • Customizable debit card
  • Instant money transfers from parents
  • Real-time notifications and transaction alerts
  • Chore management and allowance automation
  • Savings goals and interest rewards

Why Greenlight Shines: Greenlight’s comprehensive control features and its focus on savings and chores make it a valuable tool for teaching financial responsibility.

FamZoo: A Virtual Family Bank

FamZoo operates as a virtual family bank, providing a unique way for parents to teach their children about money management.


  • Prepaid cards for each family member
  • Shared family accounts
  • Tracking of loans and interest
  • Budgeting and saving tools
  • Chore charts and allowance management

Why FamZoo is Unique: FamZoo’s family-oriented approach and its robust set of features make it an excellent choice for parents looking to create a mini-economy within their household.

BusyKid: Earn, Save, Share, Spend

BusyKid combines traditional money management with modern-day chores, teaching kids the value of hard work and the importance of financial planning.


  • Prepaid Visa Spend Card
  • Chore assignment and payment
  • Real-time tracking of earnings
  • Savings, investing, and charitable giving options
  • Parental approval for spending

Why BusyKid is Effective: BusyKid emphasizes earning through chores, which helps children understand the relationship between work and money, making it a practical financial education tool.

Current: Teen Banking Simplified

Current is designed for teenagers, offering more advanced banking features that mimic those of traditional banks, but with parental oversight.


  • Visa debit card
  • Instant transfers and real-time alerts
  • Savings pods for specific goals
  • Automated allowance payments
  • Spending insights and budget tools

Why Current Appeals to Teens: Current’s teen-focused features and its balance of independence and parental control make it a great app for older children who are ready for more responsibility.


Introducing children to money management through these banking apps is a smart way to build their financial literacy and prepare them for the future. Each app offers unique features tailored to different age groups and learning styles, ensuring there’s an option to fit every family’s needs. Empower your children with the right tools and watch them develop into financially savvy adults.